Dec 25, 2018

Try HDP 3.0.1

Started using HDP 3.0.1. Past version I was used is 2.6.5, therefore I found many changes, new Ambari design, hive command starts beeline and so one.

One major change to me, hive view has been deleted since HDP 3.0.

Tried Data Analytics Studio instead of that.

You can move the page by
Ambari → Services → Data Analytics Studio  → Data Analytics Studio UI

I guess it's BI tool from the name, but it seems the DBA tool. It has 4 components.

1. Queries
You can see query history. And Recommendations tab gives us suggested changes.

Query Details

Visual Explain



DAG Info

2. Compose
This is almost the same as class hive view. We can use auto suggest.

3. Database
Partitions tab shows column name, column type and a comment if the table is partitioned. I want to see partition's numbers, size and so on.


Storage Information

Detailed Information


Data Preview

4. Reports
This page visualizes lineage from the query history. It looks really useful. 

Read and Write Report
Join Report

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