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Software Engineer at Starburst. Maintainer at Trino. Previously at LINE, Teradata, HPE.


The Intern

I watched “The Intern” with Netflix. I thought the movie is about fashion and romance, but it was a little wrong. This is the movie about entrepreneurship in fashion industry and human relations.
I want Ben (Robert De Niro, senior intern called old school)’s kindness. Sometimes, we find a person who is loved by everyone. I’m not such a person, so I wanna be someday.
And Jules(Anne Hathaway, CEO). I simply yearn her success and efforts. Even if there’re many difficult problems about working as a CEO, she get over it.
The movie also has many comical scenes. Stretch by Fiona, robbery by Oceans , a middle finger in a funeral and so on.
I wanna recommend this to people in not only fashion industry but also startup.


Taiwan Trip

I went to Taiwan between September 6 and 9. Following photos are my favorite’s in Taiwan.

A cute token used at MRT(Mass Rapid Transit)
Crab xiaolongbao of ding tai fung. This is the most delicious food I ate in Taiwan. I also like a oyster omelette Shilin Night Market. It’s yummy.
Famous place among Japanese as “Spirited Away (2001)”

This is a shot at Martyrs’ Shrine. Changing of a guard is really cool, so I recommend every traveler watch it.

These aren’t all of my favorite’s in Taiwan. It’s too many to show in this blog. Some friends say that “Taiwan isn’t clean, so I don’t wanna go to there”. I think so, but it’s worth going. Especially, Japanese should go there to realize the historical background.

If you go to Taiwan, I recommend you go with someone. The reason is because you can eat a variety of xiaolongbao a lot!


シャネルの本とのフランス繋がりでApple TVで「二ツ星の料理人」をレンタルして、見てみました。最後の方はもう少し詳しく描写して欲しいというシーンもありつつも全体的に楽しめました。 厨房内の戦場のような雰囲気はなかなか緊張感があるのですが、出て来る料理は色鮮やかでフランス料理を食べにいきたくなります。また、ミシュランの調査員の見分け方も出てきたりして面白いです。セリフがほとんどないシーンですが、主人公のシェフが早朝のマーケットや、夜に露店のような小さなお店で買って食べてるシーンがお気に入りです。 料理映画で言うと「幸せのレシピ」も結構好きなのですが、幸せのレシピがラブストーリーなのに対して、こちらはもう少し料理人にフォーカスした現実的な映画です。


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