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Taiwan Trip

I went to Taiwan between September 6 and 9. Following photos are my favorite’s in Taiwan.

A cute token used at MRT(Mass Rapid Transit)
Crab xiaolongbao of ding tai fung. This is the most delicious food I ate in Taiwan. I also like a oyster omelette Shilin Night Market. It’s yummy.
Famous place among Japanese as “Spirited Away (2001)”

This is a shot at Martyrs’ Shrine. Changing of a guard is really cool, so I recommend every traveler watch it.

These aren’t all of my favorite’s in Taiwan. It’s too many to show in this blog. Some friends say that “Taiwan isn’t clean, so I don’t wanna go to there”. I think so, but it’s worth going. Especially, Japanese should go there to realize the historical background.

If you go to Taiwan, I recommend you go with someone. The reason is because you can eat a variety of xiaolongbao a lot!