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Final Fantasy XV Review

This article includes the story about FFXV, so please stop reading if you don’t want to know it.

Firstly, I’m a big fun of FF8, 9 and 10. I guess this game might be fun if you haven’t played past titles. Some people say that FFXV’s good point is the graphic. I think so, but most recent video games are also beautiful. Therefore, it’s not a strong point. I couldn’t empathize main characters to the end because they don’t have a essence of fantasy. They looks like people in japanese hosts bar. Noct with mustaches is cool, though. The accident to Ignis is the worst point of this game. I can realize it if the accident is the key of this story (but it’s not). I want to know why the staff choose this accident.
I’ve loved the system of ff’s magic and summons. FFXV also has the system, but it’s completely different from old series. The fun of evolving magic level and strengthening summons is nothing. All we can do is absorbing magic from rocks and pushing L2 button to call summons (we can’t decide what summon is). The consequence each chapters is weak. Did they develop each chapters independently? One of the chapter is Metal Gear Solidly and other one is biohazardly/falloutly. The battle with a ring is boring and it’s useful only the time.
There’s no sense of immersion. We can share the photo from game to real facebook or twitter. It’s good as a marketing, but it’s not good as a game. Finally, I’m waiting a genuine version of Final Fantasy XV. I hope what released on Nov 29 is a fake!