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Introduction to Teradata Aster Analytics

This a note for Teradata Aster Basics 6.10 Exam a.k.a TACP(Teradata Aster Certified Professional).
Recommended courses are followings and this note is for the 3rd course.

  • Teradata Certification, What’s New and How to Prepare
  • Introduction to Big Data and Teradata Aster*
  • Introduction to Teradata Aster Analytics
  • Introduction to Teradata Aster Database Administrator*

Map function doesn’t have PARTITION BY
Reduce function has PARTITION BY

What are the two different types of SQL-MR functions? (Choose two.)
  Partition functions (Reduce) & Row functions (Map)
In SQL-MR the ON clause can be what three things? (Choose three)
  Function, Table & Query
Fill in the missing word. How do you distinguish between a Map vs. Reduce function?
  A REDUCE function has a PARTITION BY clause, whereas the Map function does not
What criteria would you use to determine if you want to run SQL versus SQL-MR? Select the four criteria that are better suited to run with SQL-MR. (Choose four)
  Unstructured or multi-structured data, Machine learning algorithm, Recursive querie & Self-joins

Acquistion functions

  • load_from_hadoop
  • load_to_hadoop
  • load_from_hadoop_dir
  • load_from_pst
  • load_tweets
  • anydatabase2aster
  • load_from_s3
  • load_to_s3

Define foreign server
create foreign server hdp21
using server('')
dbname('default') username('hue')
do import with load_from_hcatalog,
do export with load_to_hcatalog;

create foreign server td15
using tdpid('')
username('td01') password('td01')
do import with load_from_teradata,
do export with load_to_teradata;
Pull & Push-down query

select c1, sum(c2)
from t1@td15
group by 1;

--push down
select * from FOREIGN SERVER
($$ select c1, sum(c2) from t1 group by 1 $$)@td15;

Which two Teradata QueryGrid connectors can acquire data for Aster? (Choose two)
  Aster-to-Teradata & Aster-to-Hadoop
Why move data between Teradata and Aster? Match Aster and Teradata to what each database is best designed for.
  Aster - for analytics by limited number of data scientists
  Teradata - for high concurrency (hundreds of users)
What are some Teradata Aster parser functions?
  Apache logs, xml, json and pst
Using the Stream API, you can write functions in programming languages that are not native to Teradata Aster (e.g., write non SQL-MR or SQL-GR functions) and run them on Aster, generating output that Aster can receive, including:

  • writing R functions to run on Aster
  • write custom python, perl, C/C++/C# functions to run on Teradata Aster

nPath is used for Pattern Matching across Time Series
What three expressions are used to specify input data for nPath? on, partition by and order by What three expressions are used to specify nPath search criteria?
  mode, pattern and symbols
What kind of function is Kmeans?
What kind of function is Decision Tree?
  predictive function

What visualization function(s) are in Teradata Aster AppCenter?
  Visualizer (formerly nPathViz and cFilterViz)
What needs to be configured before building a new Application?
  Create a JDBC connection
Name three Data Format types. (Choose three)
  nPath, Table and cFilter
Name four different chart types that Teradata Aster AppCenter visualizations create. (Choose four)
  Tree, SanKey, Sigma and Chord
How can users dynamically change Teradata Aster AppCenter chart visualizations?
  By clicking on objects and/or by changing Layout/Format specs

How do you connect to Aster via RStudio?
  Aster ODBC driver
What is the name of the Aster package for Teradata Aster R?
You want to access Help for Teradata Aster R to see a list of commands. What syntax would accomplish this?

Final Exam SCORE: 96 PASSED Question 1 Correct

  1. True or False: Map-Reduce is a programming model and an associated implementation for processing and generating large data sets.
Your answer: True Question 2 Correct
  2. Each Map function performs an ETL on ____ in the input.
Your answer: all rows Question 3 Correct
  3. The ___ gets a key and the array of values emitted with that key and produces the final result.
Your answer: Reduce Function Question 4 Correct
  4. The SQL-MR syntax ON clause specifies the input rows, which can be a ___. (Choose four)
Your answer: Table,View,Sub-query,SQL-MR function Question 5 Correct
  5. Does the syntax use a Map Function or a Reduce Function? Drag and Drop the Map Function and Reduce Function labels (at left) to the correct syntax (at right).
Your answer: 1-2,2-1 Question 6 Correct
  6. 6. True or False: Functions can be Map and Reduce functions at the same time.
Your answer: False Question 7 Correct
  7. In the syntax below, click on the input.
Your answer: 5 Question 8 Correct
  8. 8. Match the function (at left) with its description (at right):
Your answer: 1L-1R,2L-2R,3L-3R,4L-4R Question 9 Correct
  9. The _____ is used for clustering. Clustering is a fast/simple method for grouping objects into preliminary clusters using an approximate distance method. Each point is represented as a point in a multidimensional feature space.
Your answer: Canopy function Question 10 Correct
  10. True or False: Map-Reduce is a programming model and an associated implementation for processing and generating large data sets.
Your answer: True Question 11 Correct
  11. The _____ can extract multiple columns of structured data from standard Apache Web Logs.
Your answer: Apache Log Parser Question 12 Correct
  12. Match the function (at left) with what it’s used for (at right):
Your answer: 1L-1R,2L-2R,3L-3R,4L-4R,5L-5R,6L-6R,7L-7R,8L-8R Question 13 Correct
  13. This question tests your knowledge of nPath pattern matching using the mode: non-overlapping and the pattern: ‘B+.C.A’. Given this input table and nPath syntax, which pattern matches will be in the output rows?
Your answer: 1 row: BBBCA Question 14 Correct
  14. This question tests your knowledge of nPath pattern matching using the mode: overlapping and the pattern: ‘B+.C.A’. Given this input table and nPath syntax, which pattern matches will be in the output rows?
Your answer: 3 rows: BBBCA, BBCA, BCA Question 15 Incorrect
  15. True or False: In Teradata Aster a single SQL-MR statement can call all of the necessary functions to go through acquiring data, to preparing it, to the multi-genre analyzing of it, and finally to visualizing it.
Your answer: False Correct answer: True Question 16 Correct
  16. In Teradata Aster the ____function creates a row in a visualization table where Teradata Aster AppCenter can access it, view it, and manipulate it.
Your answer: ‘Visualizer’ Question 17 Correct
  17. True or False: Teradata Aster R packages addresses the Challenges of R by allowing programmers to scale R analytics by leveraging Teradata Aster.
Your answer: True Question 18 Correct
  18. Before beginning able to connect to the Teradata Aster cluster and start issuing Teradata Aster R commands, you must do which two things? (Choose two) Your answer: Install/configure Teradata Aster 6.20 ODBC driver,Install RODBC and Teradata Aster R packages
Question 19 Correct
  19. What are RMapReduce runners?
Your answer: Functions to run R-code in Teradata Aster Question 20
  20. Match the Teradata Aster R function to what you would use it for:
Question 20.1 Correct Your answer: 1L-1R Question 20.2 Correct Your answer: 2L-2R Question 20.3 Correct Your answer: 3L-3R Question 20.4 Correct Your answer: 4L-4R Question 20.5 Correct Your answer: 5L-5R