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Kanazawa Trip

Went to Kanazawa at Oct 27 and 28. I would recommend to eat 'Fu' in addition to the seafoods. It was really delicious.
Day 1st  金沢駅→ひがし茶屋街→香林坊→兼六園→近江町市場→銭湯→ホテル
Day 2nd 近江町市場→金沢21世紀博物館→鈴木大拙館→金沢駅
I wanted to go Kanazawa Umimirai Library, but it was closed. I should have investigated it before booking the hotel.

Kanazawa st.

Misodare Dengaku Fu






21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

D.T. Suzuki Museum


LINE Developer Day 2018

Went to LINE Developer Day 2018 at Happo-en. I mainly attended the session about Data Engineering. Whereas all talks was helpful, infrastructure by Saegusa-san and Kafka by Kawamura-san were especially fascinating.
  • Opening Session - "Next LINE" LINEが創る新たな世界 -
  • LINEが目指す理想の広告プラットフォーム
  • LINEのインフラプラットフォームはどのように大規模サービスをスケールさせ運用コストの小さなインフラを提供しているのか
  • Multi-Tenancy Kafka cluster for LINE services with 250 billion daily messages
  • Efficient And Invincible Big Data Platform In LINE
  • OASIS - Data Analysis Platform for Multi-tenant Hadoop Cluster
  • Closing Session LINEが創る理想のDeveloper Relations