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Software Engineer at Starburst. Maintainer at Trino. Previously at LINE, Teradata, HPE.


LINE Developer Day 2018

Went to LINE Developer Day 2018 at Happo-en. I mainly attended the session about Data Engineering. Whereas all talks was helpful, infrastructure by Saegusa-san and Kafka by Kawamura-san were especially fascinating.
  • Opening Session - "Next LINE" LINEが創る新たな世界 -
  • LINEが目指す理想の広告プラットフォーム
  • LINEのインフラプラットフォームはどのように大規模サービスをスケールさせ運用コストの小さなインフラを提供しているのか
  • Multi-Tenancy Kafka cluster for LINE services with 250 billion daily messages
  • Efficient And Invincible Big Data Platform In LINE
  • OASIS - Data Analysis Platform for Multi-tenant Hadoop Cluster
  • Closing Session LINEが創る理想のDeveloper Relations