I’m Yuya Ebihara, Software Engineer in Tokyo/Japan. I blog about Software and Games in sometimes English, sometimes Japanese. In my free time, I play video games, watch F1 & cute animal movies, read books.
My most curious field is developing middle-wares. On the other hand, I also like to develop Web application and Mobile(=iOS) application🐶

2018.12 Software Engineer @line
2016.09 Associate Consultant (actually Data Engineer) @teradata
2013.04 Technical Consultant (actually Application Engineer)  @hp@hpe

2018.09 Sequence Models
2018.08 Convolutional Neural Networks
2018.07 Structuring Machine Learning Projects
2018.07 Improving Deep Neural Networks:Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization andOptimization
2018.06 Neural Networks and Deep Learning
2017.12 Teradata 14 SQL
2017.09 Teradata Aster Certified Professional 6.10
2016.10 Teradata 14 Certified Professional
2012.06 Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination (JP)

2009.04-2013.03 Learning Information Technology and Engineering in University
Study Software Development, Data structure & algorithm with C and Java. A graduation thesis was auto compile from C to OpenCL.

Java, C#, Ruby, Ruby on Rails
SQL, Teradata, Aster, Hadoop, Presto, SQL Server

Presto Software Foundation

  • Committer (2019.10.11 ~ current)
  • Contributor (2019.1.1 ~ current)

LINE (2018.12.1 ~ current)

Teradata (2016.09.16 ~ 2018.11.30
  • SES for EC company
    • Migrate ETL job from internal tool to Azkaban
    • PoC and delivery of Aster On Hadoop
    • Support query tuning and early access program
    • Delivery QureyGrid 2.X (Teradata, Hadoop, Oracle and Presto)
  • Develop custom visualization of Aster AppCenter
    •  fasttable, heatmap, treeview, stackedarea and liquid gauge
  • Develop SQL-MR UDF for Aster 
    • run_on_teradata which enables Aster execute DDL to teradata
    • kuromoji to do morphological analysis for Japanese sentences
  • BI development support using Power BI
  • KPI Consulting project for Communication company
  • SQL Tuning for Truck company using Teradata 15
  • Rebump Explain Viewer (internal tool to visualize explain with graphviz)
  • Received Significant Progress Move Award 2018 Q3

HP & HP Enterprise (2013.04.01 ~ 2016.09.15

  • Develop communication monitoring system for financial industry 
    • Develop daily job with C#, 
    • SQL Server IDOL, Records Manager and Control Point
  • Improve newspaper calibration client tool with VB.NET and LEATTOOLS
  • Develop WCF Service to connect to IDOL from Spotfire 
  • Examine Vertica and Elasticsearch
  • Received Enterprise Service 2015 Q3 Award
Personal project
  • LentoDB (Metadata manager for Presto)
  • Presto Vertica Connector
  • Embulk Input Teradata
  • Embulk Output Teradata
  • Embulk Input Aster
  • Embulk Output Aster
  • Podcast We Love (Podcast manager via Web)
  • Cocome (Simple Swarm iOS client, Retired)